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We provide
Software Design & Development!

We will provide you professionally made apps & software for any need you have! We will deliver it to you fast, and of great quality! Our software design & development is completely affordable depending on the complexity of the project. Click the link below to learn more!

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Web Design & Development

Kingsbuild Entertainment offers website design & development services for cheap. We strive to make people professional and affordable looking websites as well as implement industry standard techniques for you to guarauntee visitors and clicks. We can make you a website from scratch, create a website for you using wordpress and implement professional looking software, such as blogs and forums. Click the link below to learn more.


Game Design & Development

We have two small indie teams, Kingsbuild Game Studios (KGS) and Reflux Game Studios (RGS). KGS primarily focuses on creating unique 3D games and RGS primarily focuses on creating entertaining 2D games. To check out our games, click the link below.


Projects We Are Working On!

Experience some of our amazing projects that we are developing!

Survivor Overboard

Survivor Overboard is a 3D Multiplay  PVE Survival Game in a Carefully Hand-Crafted Environment with Beautiful Graphics and an Engaging Story

Pirate Party

Pirate Party is a 3D Top Down Bullet Hell developed for mobile. Play as a pirate crew on a journey to control the high seas and claim the legendary treasure before other pirates do!


DEEP is a 2D Endless Swimmer Mobile Game. Often called “Subway Surfers but Underwater”, this game is perfect to have fun and pass some time!

Kingsbuild Entertainment

Our Team

So much work goes on behind the scene, and its all thanks to our awesome team! 

Thomas O’Connell

Business Owner / CEO

An established entrepreneur, striving to achieve success in an adapting industry



Looking for a compotent COO, capable of overseeing and guiding multiple teams. Must be hardworking, dedicated and helpful.



Recruiting competent accoutants able to manage finances and implement industry standard finance practices.



Recruiting capable marketers with a proven track record of success, capable of adapting and implementing marketing practices.



Recruiting capable technologists with knowledge on technology trends and implementing them into business strategies.


Lead Artist

Recruiting capable artists with experience in Blender, Photoshop and Unity if possible. Must be a capable modeller and concept artist.

Daniel Mayo

Lead Programmer

A confident programmer with 8+ years of industry experience and 4+ years in C# Programming and Unity Development.

Benjamin Williamson

Support Team

Friendly and supportive, a very generous person capable of providing assistance in various circumstances.

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