For the Entertainment you are yet to discover.

With Kingsbuild Entertainment, the future is just around the corner. 


Founded in 2019 by Thomas O’Connell, at 15 years of age, Kingsbuild Entertainment hopes to provide innovative & affordable entertainment universally.


What originally started as nothing more than a video game development team has no grown into a big vision, led by a passion for entertainment & innovating it.


Kingsbuild Entertainment hopes to provide new technology & entertainment and change what entertainment means today, to something much bigger.


Kingsbuild Entertainment originally started as a dream of, at the time, 14 year old Thomas O’Connell. After years of playing Video Games, Thomas thought about how they could be improved. This eventually led to Thomas’ interest in video games, especially the programming, art & marketing. 

With Thomas’ already knowledgeable past in programming websites & apps, he was able to use some of that knowledge and transfer it into Game Development. 

Starting in Gamemaker Studio 2, Thomas created some simple 2D games. After building & understanding the fundamentals of Game Development, Thomas eventually moved up to the 3D Engine Unity, and began to learn C# & Blender to create his own games. 

After successfully creating multiple games using Unity, Thomas decided to tackle a more ambitious project, which eventually led to the creation of Kingsbuild Entertainment. 

Unsatisfied with simply making Video Games, Thomas wanted to do more & innovate a very large industry. Expanding to music, animations & books, Thomas still wanted to achieve more and ultimately decided on the creation of new technology which would change what it meant to experience entertainment. 

Now focusing on establishing a name for the business, Thomas O’Connell sees a bright future ahead for the company & entertainment as a whole.


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What we want to achieve

At Kingsbuild, we are always looking towards making a better future and improving the world of technology & entertainment and looking towards further closing that gap between them both. Integrating technology & entertainment, while already existing, is nowhere close to its full potential and that’s what we, at Kingsbuild Entertainment, are trying to achieve.


Creating realistic Haptic Technology is a big, yet essential step in human development. Being able to achieve this technology, especially to a realistic level, to the point where it can be utilized in daily tasks is one of our primary goals at Kingsbuild. Haptic Technology can help shape the future and it can be here faster than you may think.


With the technology for Virtual Reality already being present in society, Kingsbuild wants to take that technology to the next level and create a more realistic VR environment. Advanced VR creates many opportunities and are practically endless, especially when coupled with Haptic Technology.


Video Games have been an immense form of entertainment for people the past 50 years. But video games haven’t even reached close to their full potential. Kingsbuild Entertainment strives to take risks and create new products to better the industry and improve the quality of entertainment the end user receives, especially with advancements made in other technological sections.


If Haptic Technology & Virtual Reality wasn’t enough, Kingsbuild Entertainment also strives to achieve the creation of new technological ideas that could not only advance the entertainment industry, but the world as a whole. Coupled with innovative software ideas, whole new platforms could be created allowing you to achieve so much more with products readily available for you.

Our Team

Kingsbuild Entertainment started as a result of three key people. Here they are!

Thomas O’Connell

Founder & CEO

Ian Ding

Productions Manager

Daniel Mayo

Head of Programming